January 11, 2008

January 11, 2008
Eastern Suffolk BOCES Model Schools - Certificate of Appreciation "Giraffe" Award

In recognition of their valuable contributions for sharing "Best Practices in Instructional Technology," Darlene Roces, the Assistant Coordinator for Eastern Suffolk BOCES Model Schools, presented a Certificate of Appreciation "Giraffe" Award to Peter Cirasole, BASCOM's President & CEO and Robert DeRosa, BASCOM's Chief Technology Officer at the Celebration of Technology in Education 2008 event located at Stony Brook University. This award is in recognition of BASCOM's efforts made in "sticking its neck out" to benefit student advancement in the area of technology.

To receive this award, BASCOM was a bronze sponsor of the event and showcased its new Global Chalkboard 5.0 release which exemplifies "Best Practices" for uniting technology with instruction.

December 10, 2007

December 10, 2007
BASCOM's Mark Drago Honored as one of LISTnet's Twenty Top Techies on Long Island

BASCOM's Mark Drago, our talented Senior Software Developer, was honored as one of LISTnet's T3=Twenty Top Techies at the Garden City Hotel on Long Island. Each year LISTnet honors 20 outstanding IT Technology Professionals currently working on Long Island in the software industry.

As a senior developer and key architect for the Access Management Engine, the heart of BASCOM's Global Chalkboard solution for K-12 schools, Mark Drago was recognized by LISTnet for his strong leadership skills and the depth of his programming knowledge.

Mr. Drago received this prestigious industry award for his outstanding development efforts on the Global Chalkboard 5.0 release, his strong leadership roles as a senior member of the BASCOM Development Team, and his contributions to the technical community of Long Island.

May 2007

May 1, 2007
BASCOM's Global Chalkboard 5.0 Honored Again with LISTnet's Top Software Award

For the third time BASCOM has clinched a LISTnet Long Island Software Award. BASCOM was honored first in 1998 for its Access Management Engine™ (AME), second in 2001 for the first release of the Global Chalkboard, and again this year for its new Global Chalkboard 5.0. Each year LISTnet awards this honor to those Long Island software companies that recently announced an outstanding software and technical solution.

The new Global Chalkboard 5.0 delivers a slick, new design for streamlined operation, packaged with increased security and improvements in performance. BASCOM's Technical Team is constantly improving the Global Chalkboard based on input received from K-12 educators.

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