Benefits of Using

  • Instantly override library filter for a specified time.
  • Customize access for staff, adults, young adults, and children.
  • Supports your library's Internet Use Policies.
  • Meets CIPA requirement for Technology Protection Measure.
  • Access to educator-selected sites only for children (Kids Zone Web Library).
  • Can open filter to everything but malicious sites to protect patrons from phishing and computers from viruses.

Technology Directors

Benefits of Using Library Technology Directors

  • Extra Ethernet Interface can be used to quickly and inexpensively create a private, secure "guest network" for patrons.
  • Automatic, remote software upgrades and configuration back-ups.
  • Acceptable Use Policy screen creates a WiFi hotspot for patrons using their own laptops, requiring them to read and agree to your policies before getting online access.
  • Built-in firewall and web cache.
  • Includes Anywhere Filter™ for filtering library-owned mobile devices, including: Chromebook™ notebooks, iOS devices, Windows® and OS X® laptops.

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Library Directors

Benefits of Using Patronus for Library Directorst

  • Easy to use so Librarians can quickly change access.
  • Maintenance-free appliance that doesn't require a technology expert.
  • Saves money when creating a separate network for staff computers.
  • Includes Anywhere Filter for mobile Internet security of library-owned devices.
  • Protects your library by preventing patrons from downloading illegal content such as a pirated movie.


Benefits of Using Patronus benefits for Patrons

  • Protects you from accidentally providing personal information to phishing sites that pretend to be legitimate.
  • Unobtrusive filtering for adult Internet Use.
  • Age-appropriate Internet experience for young adults and teens.
  • Access to Kids Zone Web Library, an allowed list of sites picked by certified teachers.
  • Access to only select sites for dedicated subscription services.


Easily Manage Internet Access with the Patronus Library Internet Filtering Appliance

The Patronus library filter is available as a virtualized solution or an Internet filtering appliance and comes packed with easy to use features for customizing Internet access. With Instant Override, librarians can quickly open access for a patron for a specified period of time. And, using the built-in Access Zones, the Internet can easily be customized for children, teens, adults, and staff. Also included with this library Web Filter is the Kids Zone Web Library which can be used to focus computers in the children’s room to a portal of educator-selected sites, so young patrons can safely use the Internet without any supervision. Without any additional purchases and technical expertise, an Acceptable Use Policy can be implemented to create a WiFi hotspot for patrons using their own laptops.

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