A Laptop Filter for Libraries

altFor your library's laptops—including Windows® 8/7/Vista/XP and OS X® on Intel and PPC—this is how it works. Your Acceptable Use Policy is enforced by Anywhere Filter, the laptop filter included with Patronus for any users either working on your network or remotely. When off-network, any Internet browser requests from a laptop are communicated from BASCOM's Anywhere Filter to Patronus. Patronus then analyzes the requested URL to see if it is in the allowed content database. If it isn't, it sends a blocked and redirect message to the user.

Remote Library Filter Management Simplifies Network Requirements

Therefore, regardless of what network a staff member is using, your library's Internet filtering settings are implemented without the need for a VPN. Now, whenever staff is using a library-owned laptop, the Internet is secured with a remote filter that enforces your library's settings.

Learn More About the Patronus Laptop Filter for Libraries

BASCOM's Patronus library filter management solution gives librarians the tools they need to set the appropriate amount of Internet access for their patrons. To learn more, read about its Access Zones, Kids Zone Portal and technology. To schedule your personal laptop filter demo, fill out a contact form or call us today at 1-631-434-6600.

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