Education Service Agencies Drive Critical Changes

altYou’re an Education Service Agency and in the 45 states where you provide services, you are recognized as critical drivers of educational change. Many school districts lack the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the challenges presented by diminishing local resources and increasing expectations for continuous improvement in educational outcomes. You’ve stepped forward as a critical partner for local school districts as they work to assure success for all their students.

Your mission is to accelerate and support change in an economically challenged environment.  In order to be successful you must:

  • Find innovative ways to economically expand the reach and quality of your services.
  • Provide pathways for training and supporting professional staff throughout your client base.
  • Maximize the value of each staff member by making them more productive.
  • Develop customized solutions to meet a wide range of needs in local schools.

My Communitas… a Community Learning Center

My Communitas My Communitas —a community learning center —provides your educational service agency with a unique community building presence that:

  • Provides member school districts with thousands of valuable Web resources and learning activities that have been professionally reviewed.
  • Brings schools, professional staff, students and their families together in an environment focused on student academic success and increased graduation rates.
  • Builds a framework for the learning community to add documents reflecting best practices, quality learning activities, and links to significant Web resources; all managed by the your educational service agency.
  • Optionally provides community building tools such as discussion forums and blogs.
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