Library Systems Support Members with Services

altAs a Library System, your mission is to meet the educational, informational, recreational and cultural needs of people of all ages through a wide range of materials/services in varying formats. You are challenged to support your member community libraries with economic, focused, and creative solutions by:

  • Leading these supporting member libraries and their patrons.
  • Striving to increase the visibility of all services.
  • Remaining attuned to the future by using new technology.
  • Seeking to continuously improve all services by identifying and responding to both general and targeted audiences within the regional system.


BASCOM’s Solution is Developed Specifically for Libraries

alt BASCOM’s Patronus™ delivers CIPA-compliant filtering developed by working closely with members of a local cooperative system. This library web filter includes many features that make it both easy for librarians and technology directors to use by:

  • Giving librarians an Instant Override to open access as needed for a specific period of time.
  • Providing the ability to easily customize access for children, teens, adults, and staff.
  • Offering an Acceptable Use Policy screen to instantly create a WiFi hotspot for patrons without any additional hardware purchases.
  • Securing staff computers by creating a separate patron network without any additional purchases.
  • Easily creating a “guest network” for patron WiFi access.
  • Delivering the Kids Zone Web Library to provide a safe environment for young patrons to explore and learn.
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