My Communitas - Benefits

My Communitas™: An Innovative Learning Content Management System That Builds a Center for Your Community

alt My Communitas is a learning content management system that allows you to easily bring your members together to create a platform for collaboration.

  • Built by BASCOM for quick and easy deployment.
  • Cloud-based so there’s no maintenance or technology investment.
  • Organizes your community’s Web resources and learning materials.
  • Comes pre-populated with quality learning resources from BASCOM.

Why Choose My Communitas?

Discover the Benefits of the My Communitas Learning Content Management System

As a unique and innovative learning content management system, My Communitas offers tools that allow users to enjoy the benefits of online learning, technology and collaborative community building.

Community Learning and Building Benefits

  • Distinguishes and reinforces your organization's professional image.
  • Defines and brands your organization, creating a customized Web presence.
  • Markets your organization to the world to help in establishing new partnerships.
  • Unifies members, organizes community Web resources, and coordinates the execution of your organization’s initiatives for optimum outcomes.
  • Makes you better because you can work smarter and faster, achieving maximum productivity from your staff and achieving better results in your students.

Online Learning Benefits

  • Comprehensive, easy-to-use information center that gives all members of your community anytime, anywhere access to Web resources such as learning activities, educational materials, organized documents, documented best practices.
  • Instantly delivers age-appropriate educational websites and online lessons.
  • Provides pathway to using the Internet and technology in education.
  • Builds the 21st century skills necessary to compete in the global economy.

Technology Benefits

  • Easy to implement and launch branded, online community portal.
  • Easy to use so community members with all levels of computer proficiency are instantly productive.
  • Cost-effective with an affordable monthly subscription.
  • Cloud-based so there’s no maintenance.
  • Telephone Support available Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM-6:00 PM (EST).

Build a foundation for community learning and engagement with My Communitas. Schedule a complimentary demo today and fill out the form on this page. See how our learning content management system can support your members, help you define your mission and create a customized and professional Web presence.

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