My Communitas - How It Works

My Communitas: An Online Learning Platform and Community Center

alt My Communitas is an online learning platform and community center designed for many environments.

  • Create an online learning platform for collaboration and sharing of best practices.
  • Built by BASCOM for quick and easy deployment.
  • Cloud-based e-learning system—no maintenance or technology investment.
  • Organize your community's Web resources and learning materials.
  • Pre-populated with quality learning resources from BASCOM.

How Does My Communitas Work?

With this cloud-based learning platform, you can create your own community center and e-learning system in 3 easy steps.

Theme Choices for My Communitas (3 mb PDF)

#1:  Create your look by picking a theme and providing a logo:

My Communitas in Action: Bridgeport Rescue Mission


#2 : Select your own content from BASCOM’s Web Library:

Instantly chose and populate your community learning center with high-quality websites and subject-specific online lessons from BASCOM’s Web Library.

  • Websites are organized in a convenient, easy-to-use online library.
  • Websites are assigned an age-level: Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle, and High School.
  • Customize your center with specific content for each member type.
  • Websites are rated for quality.
  • Searchable by keyword, category, or subcategory.

#3 :  Customize your content:

  • Choose tabs to support specific audiences (Early Childhood, Adult Education, K-12 School-Age Children).
  • Provide links to those websites and web pages needed to support your community.
  • Create specific categories for your community and to upload websites. This online learning platform also provides the ability to define User Types for management of your center. This allows many members of your community to contribute content while providing management authority to select users.

Build a foundation for community learning and engagement with My Communitas. Schedule a complimentary demo today and fill out the form on this page. See how our online learning platform can support your members, help you define your mission and create a customized and professional Web presence.

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