My Communitas - What It Does

My Communitas Online Learning Resources Create a Collaborative Community Center

Easily bring your members together to create a platform for online learning resources and community collaboration.

  • Built by BASCOM for quick and easy deployment.
  • Cloud-based so there’s no maintenance or technology investment.
  • Organizes your community’s Web resources and online education tools.
  • Comes pre-populated with quality online learning resources from BASCOM.

What it Does

My Communitas™ is the backbone of your organization that:

  • Organizes thousands of online learning resources in easily accessible categories.
  • Filters web content, presenting educational material that supports your organization’s curriculum.
  • Provides online education tools that can be used to create web-based lessons.
  • Supports the use of Web 2.0 in the classroom by providing safe access to interactive sites such as YouTube.
  • Improves the productivity of your staff, students, and families by delivering web sites and online learning resources specifically related to your educational objectives.

Why does my organization need My Communitas?

Educators recognize the value of using online learning resources in education. But, finding quality content using search engines is extremely frustrating and time-consuming. This is the roadblock that keeps busy teachers from using the Internet as an effective learning tool.

Communitas becomes the “knowledge broker” for your entire community. It organizes Internet learning resources to make them easily accessible to your staff, students, and families. It also supports your best practices. Learning activities, educational materials, organized documents, and other online education tools and resources are organized in “clickable” categories. Content is grouped by member type, so that information can quickly be located by staff, students, or any other role specific to your organization.

Build a foundation for community learning and engagement with My Communitas. Schedule a complimentary demo today and fill out the form on this page. See how our online learning resources and education tools can support your members, help you define your mission and create a customized and professional Web presence.
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