One to One Initiative in Education & 1:1 Take Home Chromebook Programs

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Using technology in the classroom is vital to preparing today’s youth with the 21st century skills they need to excel in our globally competitive world. As a result, schools are now weaving technology into curriculum. Students are also actively engaged in their education using laptops and mobile devices anytime, anywhere. Ease of use and the portability of Windows® tablets, iOS® devices and Chromebook™ notebooks has made this technology very appealing.  

iPad®, iPod touch®, and iPhone® devices have become key components of one to one initiatives. Many K-12 educators are now starting one to one iPad deployments in their schools.  

The introduction of Chromebook notebooks with access to Google Apps for Education and the Google Management Console has also been instrumental in the continued success of in school and 1:1 take home Chromebooks.

Although a one to one initiative, including a 1:1 take home Chromebook program, offers educational advantages, using mobile devices off network presents unique challenges. Consider these issues prior to adopting a one to one program in your district:

  • Students can dodge your filter, even while in school, using free WiFi access or a personal hotspot.
  • A mobile device used off network can be victimized by rogue sites and compromise your network when they return.
  • Students can access inappropriate content when using mobile devices off-network.


Mobile Filtering for a Successful One to One Initiative

Schools need a mobile filtering solution that extends their policies and protection to students when devices are taken off the network. Anywhere Filter™ satisfies these requirements by enforcing your acceptable use policies on any connection. It also secures your devices from malware and phishing sites, and it keeps students focused with CIPA compliant access, so learning on school-owned devices is safe and productive.

BASCOM’s expertise in education is applied to our mobile device solution so that it’s ideally suited for schools. Recognizing that each school's  mobile needs can not be addressed by any single platform, BASCOM has developed a filtering solution for iOS, Chromebook and Windows devices.  These solutions include a:

  • Filtered browser which includes educationally-focused features, such as a QR code reader and shared bookmarks.  
  • Global proxy solution for iOS devices that allows the use of the Apple Safari browser and still provides educationally focused Internet contant filtering.
  • Global proxy solution for Chromebook notebooks for schools not implementing the Google Management Console.
  • Zero-touch, single sign-on Internet content filter that is provided through a seamless integration with the Google Management Console for in school and 1:1 take home Chromebook programs.
  • Filtering solution for the latest Windows 8.1 tablets.


Learn More about Deploying a One to One Initiative, including a 1:1 Take Home Chromebook Program, with BASCOM's Mobile Device Filtering

BASCOM's school Internet filters and web lesson tools unite technology with instruction. Join the hundreds of schools and libraries around the country that are currently using our technology to facilitate student achievement. To learn more about our mobile device filtering technology and one to one initiatives, including 1:1 take home Chromebook programs, or to schedule your personal Anywhere Filter demo, fill out a contact form or call us today at 1-888-922-2726.

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