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altPatronus — Library Web Filter

BASCOM’s development team worked closely with members of a local cooperative system to design a solution that’s ideally suited for libraries. The Patronus Library Internet Filtering appliance includes features that make it easy for librarians to manage Internet access for patrons of all ages and staff.

PlayRight—Your Complete Video Content and YouTube Library System

alt Patronus includes PlayRight, a complete, user-friendly video content and YouTube library management system. PlayRight delivers flexible filtering to easily manage viewable content on YouTube, SchoolTube, and TeacherTube and safely focus patrons. By delivering customization tools that remove distractions, this new video content management system goes beyond simply blocking or allowing content and only permits select video content to display.

Flexible Filtering for Efficient Curriculum Building

With PlayRight, the typical bottlenecks that are created when a librarian requests access to specific YouTube videos are eliminated. Using Patronus's flexible filtering, authority privileges can be assigned by a Technology Director to a librarian, so that he/she can select and allow videos themselves.

PlayRight Supports YouTube for Schools

YouTube for Schools offers many outstanding educational videos and PlayRight extends the capabilities of this curriculum tool even further. By entering the YouTube code of your library’s channel on the PlayRight settings screen, videos are filtered so that children can be focused to all of the content on and the content in the specified channel.

Easy, Fast Video Content and YouTube Library Management

PlayRight filters content while in YouTube, SchoolTube, or TeacherTube. No proprietary system is used, so videos don’t have to be copied and pasted before they can be managed. Instead, librarians can select and patrons can view video content directly on a site they are already comfortable using.

Removes Distracting Comments and Suggested Videos

PlayRight provides innovative customization settings to strip out distracting comments and thumbnails of suggested videos.

Learn More About PlayRight, Patronus's Built-In YouTube Library Management System

Find out how to manage and control video content with PlayRight. Fill out a contact form or call us today at 1-888-922-2726 to schedule your personal demo.

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