Library Internet Content Filter Comparison

This Internet content filter comparison clearly illustrates why the best Web content filter for libraries is Patronus!

Why is BASCOM's Patronus the best Web content filter for libraries? The answer is simple: No other solution does more to respond to the needs libraries. Combining security with a Web Library for children, Patronus is an all-in-one solution that is virtually maintenance-free.

Patronus was built from the ground up for Libraries. Developed with input from a local library cooperative system, Patronus includes features specifically for Librarians.

View the Internet content filter comparison below and see for yourself why Patronus is the best Internet content filter available to libraries today. Compare Patronus feature-by-feature with other products!

Feature Patronus Does the product do this?
Instant Override allows librarians to open access for an adult patron for a specified period of time. Yes  
Easy Filter Management is accomplished using one, simple screen to create profiles that customize access for children, teens & young adults, adults, and staff. Yes  
Access Zones are used to quickly customize access for patrons and staff.
  • Resource Zone is used to limit access to an a single site or group of sites. Can be used for a subscription service and not for general browsing.
  • Kids Zone is a portal of educator-selected sites that can be used in a children’s room to keep children within an “allowed community” for an unsupervised, yet safe, online experience.
  • Filtered Zone provides access to the entire Internet accept those categories librarians choose to block. Can be used to open access to adults while protecting computers from viruses and patrons from Internet scams.
  • Internet Zone gives staff or adult patrons complete, unrestricted Internet access with immediate turn-on/turn-off capability for flexibility.
Kids Zone Web Library is a kid-friendly portal of educator-selected sites. Computers in the children’s room can be focused to the Kids Zone to provide a safe haven for independent online learning. Yes  
Patron Connect™ provides an additional Ethernet Interface that enables a library to easily create a private, secure network for patrons. This enables a library to separate traffic from patron and staff computers without purchasing an additional Internet connection, router, and firewall. Can be used to inexpensively create a private “guest network” for patron WiFi access. Yes  
Anywhere Filter™ provides anytime, anywhere, any connection mobile security for your library-owned laptops and iPads™. Yes  
Acceptable Use Policy Screen allows you to create a WiFi hotspot for patrons using their own laptops, requiring them to read and agree to your Internet policies before getting online access. Yes  
A built-in firewall provides an extra layer of protection that integrates with an existing firewall or operates independently as the primary firewall for your library’s network. Yes  
An integrated Web cache allows for faster retrieval of Web pages. It enhances the efficiency of your library by complementing your existing caching infrastructure or operating independently as the primary Web cache system. Yes  
All updates, restores and backups are performed automatically and remotely. For disaster recovery, a phone call to our Technical Support staff is all that is needed to remotely restore Patronus using a private, inter-server, communication channel. Yes  
Compliant as a "Technology Protection Measure" with the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA). Yes  
Developed Exclusively for Libraries Yes  


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