A School Content Filter with Authentication

alt Frontera provides a school content filter with flexible authentication options to accommodate most network architectures. The methods offered with this school Internet filtering solution can be mixed and matched to work within many environments—all without reworking administrative philosophies.


  • The simplest configuration permits access control assignments by a client's IP address. This allows access policies to be set across a large number of client computers.


  • Frontera is a school Internet filtering solution that can be configured to require a login before permitting access. This login is directly tied to a profile, allowing a roving user to apply their Internet access settings to any computer on a network.

Directory Services Integration (Novell, Microsoft Active Directory)

  • Access can be authenticated and controlled by utilizing the client's LDAP attributes. When a user logs into their computer, their identifying information is associated with the access control defined within Frontera's administrator interface. Access can be controlled by user or workstation name, or by the associated group or organizational unit.

Directory Services Logging and Reporting

  • LDAP can also be used for access logging and reporting. Rather than "opaque" reporting of usage by IP address, utilizing the directory services feature permits reporting with more useful, descriptive names. Doing this requires no configuration or administration of directory services during installation; the login facility conveys a user's information automatically to Frontera's logging and reporting subsystem. Established components of a network's design are leveraged intuitively, without forcing the administration of access control into an "all or nothing" approach.


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