The Anywhere Filter School Mobile Filter Solution—How Does It Work

  • Windows® 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP and OS X® workstations use a supplied installer for attended or unattended installation.
  • Chromebook™ notebooks using a Chrome browser extension as part of an integrated Anywhere Filter and Google Management Console solution. See Anywhere Filter Cloud™ for ChromeOS.
  • iOS devices can use the Safari® browser and Global Proxy Support.
  • iOS devices can also use Anywhere Filter browser app downloaded from the App Store.  The proper profile can be set up on an iOS device, manually or through our auto configuration process.
Filtering Using Smart Access Technology:

Anywhere Filter's patented filtering with Smart Access Technology™ maximizes response time and minimizes bandwidth usage. By using a lightweight protocol, the filter sends a message to verify that a web request is acceptable before allowing it to go through the device's current Internet connection. If the site is not acceptable, a blocked message is sent and the site cannot be accessed.

  • Filtering is based on Directory Services for Windows (including Windows 8 devices) and OS X devices. User and device profiles can be setup using Active Directory®, Open Directory and eDirectory.
  • Enforces SafeSearch on the device's browser.
  • Provides a comprehensive site list with additional dynamic analysis to detect anonymous proxies.
  • Provides the ability to setup multiple user profiles to accommodate the needs of different types of users.
  • Anytime a device connects to an outside network, even within an organization, it is filtered by Anywhere Filter.
  • Can be configured to monitor website requests only when the mobile device is off the organization's network. This allows the organization to continue to use its current filter for on campus traffic and use the Anywhere Filter mobile filter solution for device compliance when off of the network.
  • Learn how Anywhere Filter works and integrates with your existing technology.
Filtering iOS Devices with Smart Access Technology:
  • The Anywhere Filter browser replaces Safari and ensures that requests are properly filtered. The filtered browser has a rich set of instructional features designed to support learning.
  • Profiles can be setup by device name and group. When using the Casper Suite from JAMF, profiles can also be setup by user name and Smart Groups.
  • Anytime the device is on an alternate network, Anywhere Filter intercepts and examines the web request to determine if it is acceptable, based on the profile assigned to either the user or device.
  • Anywhere Filter's patented filtering with Smart Access Technology™ maximizes response time and minimizes bandwidth usage.
Filtering Chromebook Notebooks with Smart Access Technology:
  • Integrates with the Google Management Console and the Chrome browser extension to filter each Chromebook notebook.
  • Zero-touch technology minimizes administrative intervention to ensure all Chromebook notebooks are initialized with the necessary Chrome extension.
  • Single sign-on improves the user experience and ensures that each device is delivered the proper Internet profile .
  • Profiles can be customized for individual users and groups.
Filtering with Global Proxy Support:
  • Filters iOS devices.
  • Enables iOS devices to use the Safari browser.
  • Traffic flows through the school's Internet connection, resulting in increased traffic and utilization of bandwidth.
  • Requires iOS devices to be supervised.
Logging & Reporting:
  • Improper Internet Usage
  • Device Usage
  • Access by Specific Request
  • User Activity
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