SMARTrecover Framework — BASCOM's Enterprise Edition

alt In response to a critical need for Web access and onsite service hosting, BASCOM now offers its SMARTrecover Framework (SRF) for Frontera. This provides extra protection against network disruptions caused by unexpected hardware failures. By offering a seamless solution to critical connectivity interruptions, BASCOM's SRF immediately eliminates single points of hardware failure and maximizes uptime during sensitive system updates.

BASCOM's SRF is a high-availability solution that offers three levels of protection by:

  • Switching to a "hot standby" appliance within 30 seconds to maximize uptime during a hardware failure.
  • Preserving the previous day's data on the secondary appliance in case of corruption on the primary.
  • Delaying software updates to the secondary appliance for a week and freezing its configuration data to save the state of the system prior to the release.

Express Exchange Warranty

For hardware failures with notification to BASCOM by 12:00 noon Eastern Time, our three (3)-year Express Exchange Warranty guarantees delivery of a new appliance the following business morning. (Notifications after 12:00 noon Eastern Time cannot guarantee delivery of a new appliance the following day.) SRF provides a high-availability automated solution for maximizing Internet connectivity uptime for your enterprise-class, network installation. By enhancing BASCOM's award-winning Frontera with the SMARTrecover Framework, you can minimize the risk of using a complex, Internet access management system for your network.

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