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Web School Content Filter Comparison

Use this web content filter comparison chart to see why the best web content filter for schools is clearly Frontera!

Why is BASCOM's Frontera the best school content filter? The answer is simple: No other solution does more to respond to the needs of the educational community. Frontera is an all-in-one Internet filtering solution with on network and mobile components that is virtually maintenance-free.

BASCOM's Frontera takes an instructional approach towards the management of Internet content access. Educator's can select web resources and create a filtering profile that focuses students only on the resources needed for that task.

View the Internet filter comparison chart below and see for yourself why Frontera is the best web content filter available to schools today.

Complete the chart to compare the Frontera solution feature-by-feature with other products!



FeatureFronteraDoes the product do this?
Complete flexibility and choice: Educators are able to readily choose which sites can and cannot be accessed by students. YES  
An unlimited number of school web content filtering profiles can be created to match the individual and group needs of teachers, support staff, administrators and students. YES  
Flexible Filtering for Web 2.0 sites empowers the IT Department to maintain security and educators to select web content for curriculum. YES  
YouTube Filter enables educators to safely allow a specific YouTube video or channel and its related page content, while blocking access to other videos. YES  
Dynamic Proxy Detection maintains productive Internet usage in the classroom by preventing students from accessing social networking sites during school hours. YES  
Safe Search Mode offers additional protection by enforcing the Safe Search setting in a web browser even if a computer is not set for it or a student tries to change it. YES  
The Global Chalkboard Web Library offers educator-reviewed learning resources organized by discipline and grade level. YES  
Includes an innovative mobile device content filtering component, Anywhere Filter, that supports:
  • OS X® 10.6 or later
  • iOS Devices (iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod touch® devices using iOS (6 or later)
  • Windows® 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP
  • Chromebook Notebooks
A built-in firewall completes the instructional Internet management solution by providing an extra layer of protection that integrates with an existing firewall or operates independently as the primary firewall for your school's network. YES  
An integrated web cache allows for faster retrieval of web pages. It enhances the efficiency of your classroom by complementing your existing caching infrastructure or operating independently as the primary web cache system. YES  
All updates, restores and backups are performed automatically and remotely. For disaster recovery, a phone call to our Technical Support staff is all that is needed to remotely restore Frontera using a private, inter-server, communication channel. YES  
Compliant as a "Technology Protection Measure" with the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA). YES  
Developed Exclusively for the K-12 Educational Community YES  
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