Anywhere Filter for Internet Filtering Now Integrates with Casper Suite by JAMF

BASCOM Anywhere Filter™—an Internet filtering solution designed for mobile device programs in education—can set filtering permissions for iPad® and other iOS mobile devices using the group, device and user names in Casper Suite by JAMF.

  • When using school-owned mobile devices both on- and off-network, students and staff are focused on appropriate web content.
  • System Administrators can assign different levels of Internet access to specific users or groups such as teachers, students, and school administrators.


The Benefits of Using Casper Suite—a Mobile Device Management Solution

Casper Suite, an industry-leading mobile device management solution, overcomes many challenges in using iOS devices in education. It solves the problem of associating an individual iPad to a user and provides the ability to create groups. By integrating with this MDM solution, Anywhere Filter can easily assign filter settings.

Integrating Anywhere Filter with Casper Suite provides the following benefits:

  • Streamlines the installation of the Anywhere Filter App using Casper Suite.
  • Speeds up deployment using BASCOM Instant Config® to automatically configure Anywhere Filter settings.
  • Manages updates to the Anywhere Filter app using Casper Suite.
  • Uses Casper Suite inventory information, such as User Name, Device Name, Groups and SmartGroups to assign Anywhere Filter settings.


Watch this Webinar to Simplify Internet Filtering and Management

Learn more about the synergy created when Anywhere Filter integrates with Casper Suite, a mobile device management solution.

Keep Them Safe, Keep Them Managed (Anywhere Filter section at 35:20)


Learn More about Using Anywhere Filter with Casper Suite, an MDM Solution

Find out how integrating Anywhere Filter, an Internet filtering solution, with Casper Suite by JAMF, a Mobile Device Management solution, can save you money while increasing your efficiency.  Fill out a contact form or call us today at 1.888.922.2726 to schedule your personal demo.


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